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Newborn Fine Art Photographer | Meet Ava

Meet Ava, beautiful daughter to Kayla and Charlie. When I arrived at their home, I couldn’t help but notice the calm feeling that existed the entire time I was there. Kayla’s parents were visiting and meeting Ava for the first time, there were fresh baked cookies and a football game was playing. It was such a relaxing and welcoming afternoon. Ava was awake when I arrived and then soon fell asleep. Isn’t she peaceful and beautiful? (The apple does not fall far from the tree.)Newborn, Children, Fine Art Photography, Fort Myers (5 of 6)After Ava’s indoor photographs, Ava had time to eat and then fell into a deep sleep just in time for her outdoor portraits.Kayla and Charlie, thank you for choosing me to photograph your sweet baby. Your family is beautiful. ~ Jaime

Night Owl Workshop | Innamorata Photography | Meg Bitton Photography

Workshops. Education. Learning. Soaking it all up. Last week (as an early birthday present) I was so excited to attend the Night Owl Workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Hosted at the Innamorata Photography studio and led by the very talented Melody Hood (known for beautiful off camera lighting) and Meg Bitton (known for storytelling and dynamic color and styling). If you aren’t familiar with either, check them out, you are in for a serious awakening of crazy talent and impeccable style. Both artists, on the far spectrum from one another in regards to style and technique, lead the way in innovative brilliance as photographic artists.

As you can imagine, I had heart palpitations as I walked into the studio. I’m rather surprised I wasn’t dripping with nervous sweat. However, on arrival, I was warmly welcomed by Melody and Meg and then, it was time to get started after everyone gave introductions. Before we were on our way, we met the models who we would be working with during the evening, sweet little girls and beautiful pregnant mamas. And on those models were absolutely gorgeous dresses…the kind of dresses that make you ooh and ahh. We then started at about 6:30 pm which is still characterized with harsh, bright light: perfect setting for off camera flash. Now, this was my second time using off camera flash. The whole concept reminded me of my second week of AP Chemistry (I am no chemist). Thank goodness that there were stations set up with the associates of Innamorata Photography to assist and give guidance. With that said, it was a very fun, eye-opening taste of off camera flash and made me all the more humbled and in awe of Melody’s work. Here are a few of my off camera flash photographs.

Once the sun was at that perfect place in the sky, it was time to watch Meg do her thing. She works fast and she is efficient just as much as she is precise. The sun is only in the perfect place for a small period of time, so there is never time to waste. She gave us tips regarding posing, positions, lighting (the natural kind) and composition. So many little details that really make a big difference in the end. I learned not only while watching and as I photographed along side Meg and the other attendants, but I also discovered areas that need fine combing as I looked through the photographs I had taken. While Photoshop is a great tool and asset, it is equally as important to get it right straight out of the camera. Meg emphasized this throughout the workshop. These are a few of my favorites from the workshop:

As they say, time flies when you are having fun, and it was soon dark. We then worked with off camera flash, this time in the dark. And then, it was time to head back to the studio to take a look at the editing processes of both Meg and Melody through Lightroom and Photoshop.

Upon walking into the studio, we were welcomed by the delicious aroma of Italian food as we walked up the stairs. Mmm. My husband knows me for being indecisive and always having buyers remorse regarding food. As I looked at someone’s Chicken Alfredo, I thought it would be just the situation of regret because I got the Chicken Parm. But, I fought the temptation to steal an Alfredo dish that I didn’t order 😉 and I very much enjoyed my Chicken Parm! Thank you for such a wonderful dinner!

After discussion throughout dinner we moved into the next part of the workshop. Giddy excitement coming up: Editing. I was amazed and surprised at the simplicity of Meg’s editing process considering the brilliance, detail and beauty of her photographs.  She emphasized the importance of learning the tools of Photoshop so that we would have the knowledge to create any vision we could think up. Not one to use actions, Meg explained she uses her eye and vision rather than coloring by numbers through her edit process. After Melody and Meg discussed a few important editing tools, we had a time of open discussion regarding the art and the business of photography. And then, like any good thing, the end had come and it was soon midnight and time to go home, er, rather traincar if you were me and you got to stay at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. So, not such a bad way to end the evening.

Thank you to Meg Bitton for traveling to the South and to Melody Hood of Innamorata Photography for hosting a great workshop. It was an honor to meet you both and learn from you. I wish many blessings on both of your businesses!

For more information regarding workshops with Meg Bitton Photography or Melody Hood of Innamorata Photography.



October 21, 2013 - 3:44 pm

Jen - Beautiful. How do you get the floating dress look?

Maternity Photographer | Fort Myers, Florida

Pregnancy has a unique way of bringing out a special kind of beautiful in every woman. There is no other time in my life that is quite as special (despite the discomforts that accompany each stage of pregancy). Here is a gorgeous new Mama who now has a beautiful boy. I love the flow of her dress and how graceful it is on her. Just stunning, Kim. You are a beautiful woman, whether pregnant or not.

Newborn Photographer | Fine Art | Fort Myers, Florida

Lennon, I think you will do creative things in life. With parents as gifted as yours, I look forward to seeing the development of the talents you have been given.Life is like a painting. In the beginning, we have ideas of what the final piece will look like. But the end isn’t always what we had expected. Lennon, your life is just at the beginning with so many exciting shades of bright hopes and dreams for you. Darker shades of colors will deepen your understanding of grace and forgiveness as you experience the less calm waters of life. For now, enjoy the sweet simplicities of eating, sleeping and being held.Because those first few weeks feel like a mixture of many emotions. Soak in every moment, the good and the difficult.